Like many writers, I rely on the generosity of readers who find meaning and value in what I offer here. It is only by the kindness of you, the reader, that I am able to keep the site in operation.

I recently left my full-time job to pursue both writing and freelance web design. You see the results of that labor here. Doing so frees me up to continue feeding my need of my main passion: the written word.

To continue that passion, I need your help.

I am combining the Kickstarter and Patreon models. Supporters of my work will receive perks based on their support levels. Some of those perks will be monthly, and others will be in the form of future rewards.

If you see your way to helping support good writing, I thank you so much for your contribution.

Monthly Support

You’ll receive news and updates by email about new articles as they post, as well as some special freebies throughout the year.

The above perk, and you’ll receive at least two new essays by email before they post to the site each month while remaining a supporter.

You’ll get the above perks, plus chapters of full-length story works-in-progress when they’re available. (There is no set schedule for these perks, but you can probably expect a chapter every one or two months.) These will include non-fiction and fiction works.

All of the above perks, plus you’ll receive an acknowledgment in all future books, as well as a free digital copy.

$75/mo. (limited qty: 75)
You’ll receive all of the above perks, as well as receive a free physical copy of all books as they come out, and before they’re sold to the general public.

$100/mo. (limited qty: 50)
You will receive all of the above perks, as well as a special signed copy of all books as they come out, a personalized thank-you video, and a scheduled video hangout to talk about whatever you want!

One-Time Donations of $100 or more
You will receive a special signed copy of the next book, an acknowledgment in a separate supporter section of that book, and an assortment of thank-you swag by snail-mail!

IMPORTANT! If your regular email address is different from your PayPal address, or you’re not using a PayPal account to support the site, be sure to send a message with your payment on the checkout page. I will email you to get any additional information I need to send you books, swag, etc.

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